-Shrijana Poudel, 3rd October.

In the current situational crisis of worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 people are more focusing on local food available in the village which is more nutritional and protein-containing. As it also affects the food chain supply and markets of Nepal as a result people are more focusing on the plantation of crops in barren land which give more immunity power. Nowadays people are talking about gurjo and saying that it increases immunity power and it will effective to use at this time besides that there are various advantages too from which most people are unaware. So today let’s discuss some facts about gujro.

Tinospora cordifolia (Gurjo)

Gurjo is one of the medicinal plants whose scientific name is Tinospora cardifolia and belongs to family Menispermaceae. During this time it is most widely investigated plants for their wide uses in ethnomedicine to treat various ailments related to immune-related diseases. Gurjo is one of the large perennials, deciduous, climbing, herbaceous vine. It is cultivated in almost all type of soil and all types of climate but prefers a warm climate (June-sep). The plant is cultivated by stem cutting and requires some support preferably Neem and Mango trees. The medicinal plant has to grow without chemicals fertilizers and the use of pesticides but we can use organic manure. Mature plants are collected, cut into small pieces and dried in shade. Not only stem but its roots can also be used and not only for immunity but it has various advantages too.

Some of its uses are:

Boost Immunity

This medicinal plant causes the immune system to become more active. It is also called a powerhouse of antioxidants. Gujro helps in purifying blood, remove toxins and fight bacteria that cause diseases. If the patient is suffering from anti-immune diseases further increases such as rheumatoid, arthurithis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.


Gurjo is also useful in improving digestion as well as treating bowel related issues. Half gram of its powder with if taken regularly it maximizes results.

Respiratory problems

Gurjo fights against its anti-inflammatory benefits and reduces respiratory benefits and reduces respiratory problems such as cold, frequent cough, and tonsils.


It helps to control high blood sugar level and various diabetes complications by improving digestion and absorption due to its Deepan(appetizer). It works as a hypo-glycaemic agent which treat diabetes. It interferes with the blood sugar level during or after surgery therefore it is advisable to avoid gurjo at least 2 weeks before surgery.

Improves vision

Gurjo juice applied to the eyes helps boost vision clarity.

Treat arthritis

Gurjo contains anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties that would help in the treatment of arthritis.

Reduces signs of ageing

Gurjo contains anti-ageing properties. It also helps in reducing pimples, dark spot and wrinkles. It gives flawless and perfect skin

Reduces stress, anxiety

It helps to reduce mental stress and anxiety and helps to get rid of toxins besides boosting memory and calming down our mind.

Good for chronic fever

It helps in getting rid if recurement fever due to its antipyretic nature. It can also reduce symptoms of a number of a life-threatening condition such as Dengue and swine flu. Its juice also helpful in increasing platelet count and help in dengue fever.

So Gurjo is a plant with a diverse role and versatile resources for all forms of life.

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