Bhuwan Bhusal

Kathmandu, August 7 (Nepal Niti)-The prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has vowed to fight India’s decision to revoke Indian administered Kashmir’s autonomy. Mr. Khan said the move was in breach of international law, adding that he federal ethnic cleansing by India.
The Pakistani prime minister said he wanted to tell the world about the decision announced by The Indian government on Monday. Through the United Nations Security Council, we are studying it now, we will raise it in General Assembly, we will take to heads of states at every forum…we will raise it in the media and tell the world, he said.
I am afraid that (India) will now carry out ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, he said. They will try to remove the local people and bring in others and make them a majority so that the locals become nothing but slaves. Earlier, Pakistan’s powerful army chief said his troops stood by Kashmiris in their just struggle. China has also voiced opposition to the Indian move, describing it as unacceptable.

तपाईंको प्रतिकृयाहरू

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